Shih-Yuan Chang is an accomplished pianist and dedicated piano instructor with a musical journey spanning 25 years. Having garnered numerous prizes and extensive performance experience, Mrs. Chang finds great joy in teaching and performing. She firmly believes in the transformative power of music, viewing it as a magical and universal language that connects people globally, possessing healing capabilities.

Mrs. Chang’s overarching goal for her students is to instill independence and cultivate a lifelong enjoyment of music. To achieve this, she outlines various milestone goals, including a strong foundation in music theory, proficient sight-reading and technical skills, and effective listening and problem-solving abilities. As students progress, Mrs. Chang shifts her focus towards nurturing artistry and honing performance skills. She aspires for her students to develop a profound appreciation for the works of great composers, exploring diverse styles within the piano literature.

Beyond her reputation as a professional pianist and teacher, there’s a lesser-known side to Shih-Yuan Chang. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset and body to optimize daily life and performances. Intrigued by the scientific aspects of music, Mrs. Chang explores the connections and effects between medicine and music, showcasing her multifaceted interests and holistic approach to her craft.

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