Little Singers (Ages: 3-5 Years)

If your child has a passion for singing but might be a bit reserved or not yet ready for private lessons, the Little Singers group class could be the perfect match. Crafted by Eva Brandys, the owner of Young Artist Music School, this curriculum aims to introduce young children to the fundamentals of singing in a supportive and engaging environment.

The Little Singers Class offers a comprehensive program where children will have the opportunity to sing solos, participate in choir activities, grasp fundamental musical concepts, use microphones, and engage in various musical games. The classes present diverse performance opportunities, allowing children to:

  • Explore beginning music theory
  • Experience Eurhythmics
  • Acquaint themselves with the piano, a crucial element in music knowledge and comprehension development

Additionally, they will learn classic children’s songs, participate in musical games, explore rhythm through music, and enjoy some physical activity. This class serves as an excellent way to overcome shyness and foster socialization with other children.

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*A one-time book purchase is required, and the books are yours to keep.

*We offer the ‘Little Singers Class’ at both the Young Artist Music School location and in the comfort of your own home!

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