Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Piano Instructor


Mr Joel Franco is a multi instrumentalist with backgrounds in Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele and Lap Steele Guitar.

Franco has been teaching guitar and other practices for over 5 years in the DFW area and has been enjoying helping students achieve their goals. He is a graduate from AIMM which is a technical music school recognized around the world. Franco enjoys teaching various styles in music from Classical Guitar to Rock or Jazz. Mr Franco teaches Guitar to students of all ages from children to adults and to all levels from beginner to advanced.

When you study with Mr Franco, you should expect the following: be able to sight read, be able to play your favorite songs and obtaining a solid understanding of your instrument. These tools are  crucial for all players and super helpful to all curious beginners. Franco’s sessions are a mixture of academic learning of the instrument and simple fun centered on the joy of music.   

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