Instrument Explorers Class (Ages: 3 – 5 Years)

Discover the Harmony of Young Artist Music School – Preschool Group Music Classes!

Our Instrument Explorers Classes offer an engaging and educational experience for young learners, perfect for those searching for preschool group music lessons. At Young Artist Music School, we recognize the profound impact of early exposure to music on a child’s development. Our Preschool Group Music Classes aim to inspire a lifelong love for music, providing the tools for creative self-expression through sound. Our program, Instrument Explorers, offers young children the chance to grasp fundamental musical concepts, delve into diverse global sounds, and interact with authentic musical instruments such as the piano, cello, violin, harp, xylophone, and percussion.

Each weekly 30-minute class is carefully crafted for children aged 3 to 5, incorporating elements of singing, dancing, instrument play, and music theory. At Young Artist Music School, we go beyond providing a fun learning atmosphere; we are dedicated to fostering social growth in your child.

Embark on this exciting musical adventure with us and gift your child the magic of music. Enroll in our Preschool Group Music Classes at Young Artist Music School today and witness your little one flourish in the beauty of music. Let’s celebrate the joy of music together! Click HERE to register for class.

*For membership pricing and class schedule, call 214.613.2020 or email

*Music Kit & Books purchase required (one-time fee) – yours to keep.

What Our Vibrant Musical Journey for Preschoolers Includes:

  1. Preschool Music Lessons: Immerse young children in the wonders of music through interactive activities, games, and creative play, fostering a joyful introduction to the world of melodies and rhythms.
  2. Preschool Music Class: Create a dynamic and engaging environment, providing a safe and supportive space for young learners to explore their musical interests and abilities.
  3. Music Class Kindergarten: Ideal for those transitioning to kindergarten, our classes focus on building essential musical skills, laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music.
  4. Music Lesson Kindergarten: Tailored for kindergarten students, our classes nurture their love for music, offering opportunities to deepen their understanding of musical concepts and express themselves creatively through sound.
  5. Convenient Locations: Our school serves various neighborhoods, ensuring families seeking “preschool music classes near me” have easy access to our enriching programs.

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