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Sharon Neicheril

Ms. Ebonee Davis recently came to Preston Royal Library's Stem-n-Stories program. We were studying our sense of hearing and Ms. Davis' performance showed us the range of sounds that the human ear is able to hear with her spectacular voice! The children were completed enthralled with her! I could not believe how attentive they were as they sat mesmerized by her beautiful voice! She patiently answered all of their questions and received many hugs from her new little friends. Thanks so much for joining us here at the library! We hope to work with you again in the future!

Stephany Khayat

We love our piano lessons with Ms. Eva!! She motivates and challenges my kids to excel. We’ve moved along faster in piano here than we have anywhere before. We have learned so much in Music theory, practice, confidence + fun. The classes are organized, focused, efficient and professional. Worth every precious minute! I am so excited we have found such a high quality music school, and fabulous teacher!! We are so excited that we have found a musical home here, and are looking forward continuing our wonderful journey with Ms. Eva!!

Tamika Schoppe

We found Park Cities School of Music during our Quarantined time this past Spring. I was so happy to find something musical for my daughter to participate in while we were stuck at home. Miss Sophie is so patient with my daughter and works around our schedule so well! She is so patient and kind and I have truly noticed an improvement in my daughters singing and ability to hear pitch! Thank you so much! We love it here and are excited to continue with this distance learning! This is an opportunity we can't find much of in our small town!

Jhosselin Sosa

I am so happy I stumbled on Park Cities School of Music while looking for activities to put my daughter in during the summer. The staff is so personable, transparent, and flexible. My 3-y-o fell in love from her first instrument explorers class, and she went on to be a part of the summer camp version of the class as well. Our experience has been delightful, and I highly recommend for parents that are looking for educational activities for your little ones. They have classes for all ages and different instruments, as well as dance. I can't wait to see what else my daughter goes on to do in this school.

Luke Elliott

Kailey is amazing with her students. Highly recommend.

Amber McNutt

Our children have learned so much in 1 year of piano lessons. And they both love to play!

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