Baby and Me Music (Ages: 6 – 24 Months)

Nurturing Development Through Melody: Baby & Toddler Music Classes

Discover the Musical Magic at Young Artist Music School – Where Little Ones Find Their Rhythm!

Infants, by their very nature, absorb the world around them like sponges, grasping the building blocks of language, facial expressions, and body coordination. Recognizing this pivotal stage in child development, Young Artist Music School proudly introduces “Baby and Me Music” classes. These sessions not only foster developmental milestones through the universal language of music but also create a bonding experience for both parent(s) and baby.

In our classes, parents and babies engage in rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, and action songs with instruments. This dynamic interaction not only introduces another form of communication between parents and infants but also plays a fundamental role in the child’s developmental journey.

Why Choose Baby & Toddler Music Classes with Us:

Music Classes for Toddlers: Our thoughtfully designed classes captivate toddlers’ imaginations and instill a love for music through engaging activities, rhythm exercises, and age-appropriate instruments.

Mommy and Me Classes Near Me: Experience delightful bonding moments with your little one through our “mommy and me” classes. Share the joy of music and movement in a warm and welcoming environment.

Kinder Music Classes: As toddlers grow, our “kinder music classes” build on early exposure, encouraging a deeper understanding of rhythm and melody.

Toddler Voice Classes: Nurture budding talents with our toddler voice classes, offering a fun and supportive space for vocal exploration.

Baby Music Classes: Even the tiniest tots benefit from our “baby music classes,” designed to soothe and stimulate infants through the power of melody and rhythm.

Convenient Locations: Our music school serves various neighborhoods, ensuring easy access to our classes. We are committed to bringing the joy of music to families in and beyond.

At Young Artist Music School, we believe in the transformative power of music in enhancing a child’s development and fostering creativity. Our Baby & Toddler Music Classes are designed to kindle a lifelong love for music, providing your child with a rich foundation in rhythm and melody.

Embark on this harmonious journey with us and gift your child the magic of music. Enroll in our Baby & Toddler Music Classes today, celebrating the joy of music together! Click HERE to register for class or call us at (214) 613-2020 for membership pricing and class schedules. Email for more details. *Baby Instrument Kit & Books purchase required (one-time) – yours to keep. We offer classes at our facility or in the comfort of your own home!

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