Office Assistant (Virtual)

Dagmara Kusak

Welcome to the vibrant world of Dagmara, based in the charming city of Cracow, Poland, where she brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to our team. Although she grew up in a quaint countryside, her pursuits have taken her to new horizons. Dagmara holds a degree in Biology studies from Jagiellonian University, specializing in neuroscience, showcasing her commitment to understanding the intricacies of life. Alongside her academic journey, she has ventured into the dynamic realm of the fashion industry, contributing her skills to a prominent Polish clothing brand. Her diverse interests encompass social media marketing and chronobiology, reflecting her insatiable curiosity for the interconnected facets of life. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dagmara finds joy in various hobbies, with traveling standing out as her greatest passion. Whether it’s skiing, swimming, practicing yoga, or embarking on mountain hikes, she embraces a life filled with exploration and adventure. Since her high school days, Dagmara has been an integral part of her family, assisting her mother in a small shop. This experience has honed her customer service skills and organizational abilities, shaping her work values around integrity, kindness, and effective communication with clients.

In her role as the supervisor of our schools’ office and social media accounts, Dagmara brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence. Her dream is to never stop exploring the world, continually improving herself, and expanding her knowledge—a vision that aligns seamlessly with the spirit of our community. Join us in celebrating Dagmara’s journey of growth, exploration, and unwavering dedication to creating positive experiences for our clients.

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